Designing laboratories for the production of radiopharmaceuticals

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Проектування радіо фарматичних центрів

Positron emission tomography and other methods of isotope diagnostics and radiotherapy require the use of radiopharmaceuticals, which are manufactured in specialized radiation laboratories in compliance with the requirements of clean rooms, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and radiation protection and control.

The combination of such institutions requires special knowledge from designers and is a very responsible task. TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP specialists have the appropriate knowledge and skills to design laboratories for the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

Out benefits

Experienced team

Over 10 years of work, our team has developed more than 50 laboratories of various profiles

Modern project of the laboratory

Our team will offer you design solutions that meet the latest trends in laboratory design

Compliance with international standards

Projects developed with our participation meet the requirements for laboratories set forth by Ukrainian and international accreditation standards (ISO15189 and ISO17025).

How we are working


Discussion of project goals, objectives and scope


Preliminary calculation of the cost of works


Negotiation of the terms of cooperation and signing of the contract for project works


Development of the project and support of the project until obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination

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