TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP is a team of professionals who have united their experience, knowledge and efforts to create projects of health care facilities and laboratories that meet the modern technology, equipment and organization of business processes.

When we develop project, our goal is not to banally implement it in strict accordance with regulatory requirements, but to take into account the latest trends in technology and equipment, to offer optimal design solutions that would meet the wishes and capabilities of the Customer.

Our team has been specializing in the design of medical facilities and laboratories for over 10 years, during this time we have implemented projects from small private consulting centers with several offices to huge hospitals of regional importance, so we can offer our customers not only proven and effective concepts but also innovative design solutions.

The key difference of our organization is the approach to project development, the basis of our projects is always the approach of technological design. In technological design, the cornerstone is the features, requirements and characteristics of business processes of the design object. Thus, in the design process, only those design solutions are selected that fully meet the needs and requirements of business processes, and allow you to get the result of the required quality. We do not “draw” drawings, we develop a comprehensive solution based on the technological requirements of the design object.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you create your project and resolve all related issues. Believe us, we can do a lot and we will be able to impress with the result of our work.

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