Design of public buildings

Проектування громадських закладів

Public building design is a design section that combines different areas – office centers, hotels, educational institutions, catering establishments, shopping and entertainment centers and others. The specialists of our company have experience and perform the design of public institutions in accordance with regulatory requirements and the wishes of the customer.

Construction of public facilities is impossible without prior development of project documentation. It is very important that the project was formed in a qualified, high quality and in full compliance with current regulations and the technological needs of the facility, because otherwise the further operation of the new building will be associated with many problems. To protect yourself from potential troubles of various kinds, the design of public institutions must be ordered from design organizations that have an experienced and qualified team of certified design specialists.

TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP performs technological and complex design of public buildings, including:

  • Educational institutions (kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions)
  • Catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, fast food and others)
  • Shopping buildings (supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, shops)
  • Hotel business institutions (hotels, recreation centers, sanatoriums)
  • Entertainment establishments (cinemas, water parks, recording studios)

Specialists in our company have many years of experience in designing public buildings and relevant qualification certificates. When designing, we take into account all the possibilities for creating a unique structure that meets the basic requirements of technological processes, flows and current regulations.

When starting work, our specialists focus not only on the existing standards and instructions of government agencies, but also on the personal wishes of the customer. The client can always count on the fact that all the questions he has, he will receive a timely and comprehensive answer.


Experienced team

For 10 years of work, our team has developed more than 200 projects

Modern project

Our team will offer you solutions that meet the latest trends in the design of public buildings

Compliance with standards

We develop project documentation that meets the requirements of national and international expertise

How we are working


Discussion of project goals, objectives and scope


Preliminary calculation of the cost of works


Negotiation of the terms of cooperation and signing of the contract for project works


Development of the project and support of the project until obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination