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The Central Sterilization Department (CSSD) is a unit of health care facilities that carries out comprehensive sterilization treatment, disinfection, functional inspection, maintenance, sterilization and storage of medical devices, instruments, etc.CSSD plays a key role in the prevention of infectious diseases in health care facilities and is anintegral part of anti-epidemic measures.

When designing central sterilization departments, it is necessary to take into account specific requirements for planning solutions, requirements for connection and spatial placement of equipment, logistics of personnel and materials movement, as well as a number of regulatory documents. Thus, the design of the sterilization department is a rather difficult task for design organizations that do not have knowledge and experience in this area. In addition to knowledge about the organization of CSSD, it is also necessary to take into account the standards for the design of health care facilities, i.e. CSSD is usually an integral part of health care facilities.

Our company has extensive experience in the design of central sterilization departments, with our participation, more than 30 CA projects have already been developed. We are actively working with global suppliers of end-to-end CSSD equipment solutions such as

Thanks to the constant cooperation with representatives of the world manufacturers of equipment for CSSD and the study of the experience of organizing such units in hospitals in the EU, we offer our customers only modern planning and technological solutions. Our knowledge of washing, disinfecting, sterilizing and other equipment allows the customer to be sure that all technical and engineering issues on the connection and operation of devices will be taken into account during the project phase. When developing the project, we pay special attention to the ergonomics and optimization of technological processes at all stages of material processing, which ultimately allows the customer to save resources and time.

The development of the CSSD project is carried out individually for each customer, depending on the capacity of the facility, the volume of products for processing, the budget and the available area. By selecting us, you can be sure that you will find answers to all your questions about the CSSD organization and will receive a draft effective and modern CSSD that meets your objectives and available budget. We accompany the project until receiving a positive conclusion on the examination.

TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP offers services for the development of complex design of the central sterilization department, as well as the development of a specialized section on technological solutions (section TX) of the design documentation. If you are faced with the task of developing a project for major repairs, reconstruction, or technical re-equipment of the central sterilization department, call us or send your questions to the mail.


Experienced team

Over 10 years of work, our team has developed more than 30 projects for sterilization departments.

Modern design of the sterilization department

Our team will offer you planning and technological solutions that are in line with the latest trends in the industry development.

Saving resources and time

We will help you to select the optimal and efficient solutions for the sterilization department, which will ensure the saving of your resources and time that is required both during the construction phase and during operation.

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Discussion of project goals, objectives and scope


Preliminary calculation of the cost of works


Negotiation of the terms of cooperation and signing of the contract for project works


Development of the project and support of the project until obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination

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