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Медичні установи

If you are faced with the task of developing a project of capital repair, reconstruction or capital construction of a medical institution, our company will become your reliable partner in creating a modern medical institution of an international level.

The field of cosmetology is rapidly growing today. In this case, the arrangement of beauty salons is not only the development of a stylish modern design, but also the careful planning of space. The room is divided into several functional zones and requires a painstaking approach to the design, so that visitors and staff alike feel comfortable inside.
Technology Project Group helps to open a beauty salon in Ukraine. Specialists prepare all project documentation, develop space planning taking into account the number of rooms, the location of equipment, etc.

The specifics of the design of beauty salons

What do you need to open a beauty salon? First of all the room. It can have any space: even a small area, with a competent approach to planning can be thought out down to the smallest detail.
Beauty salon consists of several blocks:

  • Reception, or reception, where visitors are greeted, and there is also a recreation area;
  • The room for the procedures itself: it is designed according to the arrangement of the equipment, furniture, etc.

If necessary, it is also arranged a sterilization room, diagnostic room, etc.

Designing of beauty salons from Technology Project Group

If you want to open a cosmetology office from scratch, it is worth enlisting the help of professionals. Technology Project Group is a team of specialists with experience in the field of medical facilities. Among the main advantages of cooperation with the company:

  • individual and responsible approach to each order;
  • modern methods of planning beauty salons;
  • a wide range of services: from creating a design project to the development of project documentation for the facility;
  • stylish design in accordance with the concept of the company;
  • Compliance with all the standards and requirements for beauty salons.

How to order the draft of the cosmetology office?

To order the design of the beauty salon, contact our experts. During the first consultation we will discuss in detail all the features of the future object, define its structural and technical characteristics, think about design, etc.
The second stage – execution of agreement, where all nuances of collaboration are described, including prices, terms of the project execution etc. After this, our experts proceed directly to the main work: the office layout, the creation of design, the development of documentation.
How much does it cost to open a beauty salon? We make all the calculations at the initial stage of cooperation. The cost of the services of specialists from Technology Project Group will depend on the complexity of the object, the timing of tasks, the specificity of the room and additional requirements.

Our advantages

Experienced team

Over 10 years of work, our team has developed more than 150 projects of medical facilities

Modern project of a medical institution

We will offer you solutions that correspond to the latest trends in the development of medical technologies and the organization of medical institutions

Compliance with standards

Project documentation is developed in accordance with the requirements of national and international expertise

How we are working


Discussion of project goals, objectives and scope


Preliminary calculation of the cost of works


Negotiation of the terms of cooperation and signing of the contract for project works


Development of the project and support of the project until obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination