Designing Centers for assisted reproductive technologies

Проектування Цетру_допоміжних репродуктивних

Assistive reproductive medicine technologies are developing very rapidly and in accordance with them, the requirements for the projects of buildings where reproduction clinics are located are being transformed.

The development of a reproductive medicine clinic project is quite complex and specific task for most design organizations. This situation is caused by a large number of regulatory requirements governing the design of medical institutions, and lack of experience and knowledge in the design of medical facilities. In addition to design knowledge, the project executor must also understand the organization of medical institutions, have knowledge of modern reproductive technologies as well as medical and laboratory equipment.

Our company has been specializing in the design of health facilities for 10 years, during which time we have developed 150 projects of health facilities. Our specialists understand the technology, structure and tasks of modern medical centers and laboratories of assisted reproductive technologies and are ready to develop project documentation that meets the advanced knowledge in this field.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we do not offer standard design solutions that we try to adapt to each customer, our task is to offer our customers individual and optimal solutions that would meet their requirements for the center of reproductive medicine, taking into account available space, budget and regulatory requirements.

Choosing our company, you get a reliable partner who will provide qualified and complete answers to all your questions, offer optimal and modern design solutions that take into account the objectives of the future medical center, available budget and guarantee a positive expert opinion.

The company TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP offers services for the development of integrated design of multifunctional hospitals, as well as the development of a specialized section of medical technology (technological solutions / section technology) project documentation. If you are faced with the task of developing a project of capital construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment or overhaul of the hospital, call us or send your questions by mail.


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For 10 years of work our team has developed more than 150 projects of medical institutions

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Our team will offer you solutions that meet the latest trends in the development of medical technology and organization of medical institutions

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We will help you from choosing a room and writing a medical task for the future institution to the author’s supervision of construction

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Discussion of project goals, objectives and scope


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Negotiation of the terms of cooperation and signing of the contract for project works


Development of the project and support of the project until obtaining a positive conclusion of the examination

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