Design of multidisciplinary medical facilities

Проектування багатопрофільних медичних закладів

The development of a project for the capital construction, reconstruction and overhaul of multidisciplinary hospitals is a very complex and time-consuming process, which requires an integrated approach and close cooperation between doctors and a team of project engineers.

The basis of the complexity of the design of multidisciplinary hospitals lies in the large number of regulatory requirements for health care facilities, the uniqueness of technological solutions for health care facilities, and a significant number of departments and services that have complex interrelationships that need to be taken into account in functional and planning solutions.

Multidisciplinary hospitals may include diagnostic and treatment departments, clinical research laboratory, admission and emergency departments, surgical units, division of inpatient and outpatient care flows, catering units for inpatient patients, as well as services for solving household tasks. Therefore, the creation of an effective project of a multidisciplinary medical institution should be entrusted to companies with experience in the design of medical institutions that understand the technological relationships between departments and services, how to harmoniously perform the distribution of technological flows and avoid their intersections, know the requirements for the implementation of modern medical technologies and comply with the requirements of regulatory documents on the design of medical institutions.

Our company specializes in the design of health care facilities, with our participation we have already developed more than 200 projects of medical institutions. Our company’s specialists have in-depth knowledge of medical technology, medical equipment and the regulatory framework for the design of medical facilities. We constantly study and study the experience of medical institutions in the EU countries in the approach to the organization of treatment processes and implemented modern medical technologies to offer our customers only advanced and effective design solutions.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we do not offer template design solutions that we try to adapt for each customer, our task is to offer our customers individual and optimal solutions that would meet their requirements for a medical facility, take into account the available area, budget and do not contradict regulatory requirements.

Cooperating with our company, you get a reliable partner who will provide qualified and complete answers to all your questions, offer optimal and modern design solutions that take into account the tasks of the future medical center, the available budget and guarantee a positive conclusion of the examination.

TECHNOLOGY PROJECT GROUP offers services for the development of integrated design of multifunctional hospitals, as well as the development of a specialized section of medical technology (technological solutions/section TX) project documentation. If you are faced with the task of developing a major construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment or major repair of a hospital, call us or send your questions to the mail.


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